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Lorem Ipsum Books: Books for your home

March 6, 2012

“I used to be suspicious of homes that didn’t have books,” I said to the young bookseller at Lorem Ipsum, the local used bookstore and artist cooperative space in Inman Square.

“I still am,” he said. “Although I understand they’re more common.”

Lorem Impsum Books in the Phoenix

  1. Kelly Slater permalink

    Got a great deal on the first volume of Hillary Spurling’s biography of Henri Matisse here. What a joy to be able to browse for and find books like this. Books and museums are where I get most of my artistic mentoring and inspiration.

  2. Jennifer Lowe permalink

    When I left the country I got rid of carloads of books. I bougt a Kindle so I could get books oveseas. I thought I would be nearly bookless when I got home. I was surprised at the number of books I held onto and really happy I still have many. And then this week I hit the thrift store and ended up with more. I have no idea where I had stored all those books I know I got rid of. It’s a mystery.

  3. Houses without books horrify me. Always.

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